Tara & Jared’s 90 State Events Wedding Albany NY Wedding Photographers

Tara & Jared, January 13, 2023, 90 State Events Tara and Jared’s Wedding started off our 15th year of business with their big day in downtown Albany.  We have been planning with this couple for about 2 years (even doing 2 engagement sessions with them) and they put together an amazing team of professionals for their…


Dani’s Mommy & Me Session Albany NY Family Photographers

#HitlinAlumni, Dani contacted us asking for a mini session of just her and her daughter.  We love this little Mommy & Me session and these two are so adorable together.  They even are wearing matching dresses and Vans.  So good to see you both again! Just like her mom So cute Favorite! Let’s skip! Beautiful


Jenn & Ben’s 90 State Events Wedding-PART 2 Albany NY Wedding Photographers

Jenn & Ben Wedding-Part 2, September 25, 2021, 90 State Events, Albany, NY Jenn and Ben were one of our couples from last year who were affected by the Pandemic.  The couple were originally wed on September, 26, 2000.  Check out their images from that day here:  On that day, regulations were in place for…


Megan & Addison’s The Kenmore Ballroom Wedding Albany NY Wedding Photographers

Megan & Addison, July 10, 2021, The Kenmore Ballroom, Albany, NY We recently took a much needed vacation to recharge our own batteries from one of the busiest wedding years we’ve ever worked.  We are feeling refreshed and back at it and ready to share so many wonderful posts with you all.  We’re excited today…


The Lyons Family Session Albany NY Family Photographers

We were so excited to hear that #hitlinalumni Robyn and John were making a trip to the Capital Region to visit family and wanted to schedule a session while here.  We last saw them right after they had their little one down in their hometown of NJ.  Well, little miss is now turning one years…


Megan & Addison’s Engagement Session Albany NY Engagement Photographers

Megan and Addison met at a DC United Soccer Game Tailback back in 2013.  Megan had just moved to DC for grad school and Addison was working in DC at the time.  The two were hanging out and drinking with their own friend’s groups outside of the stadium, when Megan spotted Addison across the way. …