Dani’s Mommy & Me Session Albany NY Family Photographers

#HitlinAlumni, Dani contacted us asking for a mini session of just her and her daughter.  We love this little Mommy & Me session and these two are so adorable together.  They even are wearing matching dresses and Vans.  So good to see you both again!

Dani's Mommy & Me Session 2022-07-21_0002

Just like her mom


So cute



2022-07-21_0005 2022-07-21_0006

Let’s skip!

2022-07-21_0007 2022-07-21_0008 2022-07-21_0009 2022-07-21_0010


2022-07-21_0011 2022-07-21_0012 2022-07-21_0013

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