Robyn & Tom’s Inn at Erlowest Wedding Lake George NY Wedding Photographers

Robyn & Tom, November 17, 2018, Inn at Erlowest


As we traveled up the Northway for the wedding of Robyn and Tom, we were greeted by a fresh layer of snow in the Lake George region and knew it would be a gorgeous day.  Robyn and Tom live out of the area, but come to the Adirondacks to vacation often and knew they wanted to wed there.  We started the day down in the Sun Castle Town Houses where both Robyn and Tom were getting ready in separate houses.  Tom and his guys were laughing it up when we arrived and Tom got dressed while being heckled by his boys.  That’s okay, cause Tom can take a joke and is so fun to be around. This guy cracked a smile the entire day; even more when he was around Robyn.  Robyn finished her makeup when we arrived and after giving her bridesmaids gifts, we headed up to the Inn for her to put her gown on.  The room was lovely and her mom, Tom’s mom and even Robyn’s grandmother were there to help her get dressed.  The couple had a first look out on the Inn’s porch and the fresh snow on the ground illuminated every nook and cranny for amazing lit photos.  The Inn’s coordinator, Juliana had a golf cart ready to wisk the couple down to the lake for some jaw dropping photos of the couple in front of the snow capped mountains.  We had a lot of fun moving about and Robyn was a trooper in that cold.  The couple were married on the porch (with the help of heaters) in front of a breathtaking view of Lake George.  As the sun set, the wedding moved indoors and guests enjoyed delicious food and dancing to music supplied by the amazing Accents band.  It was a gorgeous day and we are so thankful we were able to capture it for you; Robyn and Tom.  Wishing you many blessings!

Team of Wedding Professionals:

Officiant:  Nick Ventresca (Pastor and friend of the Groom)          Venue:  The Inn at Erlowest          Catering:  The Inn at Erlowest          Venue Coordinator:  Juliana Vicari from Inn at Erlowest          Band:  The Accents          Floral Design:  Blooms          Makeup & Hair:  Glam Me Up          Bride’s Gown:  The Wedding Store (Andover, NJ)          Attendants’ Gowns:  The Wedding Store          Men’s Attire:  The Black Tux          Rings:  David Levy-Diamond Matchmaker          Invitations:          Favors:  Linda’s Biscotti (Chester, NJ)          Photography:  Keith & Meghan Hitlin of Hitlin Photography          Hashtag:  #TheRealRobThomas

Groom Prep.

Robyn & Tom's Wedding 2019-01-03_0002 2019-01-03_0003 2019-01-03_0004

Bride Prep.

2019-01-03_0005 2019-01-03_0006 2019-01-03_0007 2019-01-03_0008 2019-01-03_0009 2019-01-03_0010 2019-01-03_0011

3 Generations (Love shooting these)

2019-01-03_0012 2019-01-03_0013

First Look (NO JOKE, the Groom got a phone call just as we started the First Look)


They look amazing together


Robyn is stunning


Off to the lake


Killer view


That sky was legit

2019-01-03_0020 2019-01-03_0021 2019-01-03_0022 2019-01-03_0023

Keep her warm

2019-01-03_0024 2019-01-03_0025 2019-01-03_0026 2019-01-03_0027 2019-01-03_0028 2019-01-03_0029

Fun Wedding Party

2019-01-03_0030 2019-01-03_0031 2019-01-03_0032


2019-01-03_0033 2019-01-03_0035 2019-01-03_0036 2019-01-03_0037 2019-01-03_0038

The entire family



2019-01-03_0039 2019-01-03_0040 2019-01-03_0041 2019-01-03_0042

Steal those kisses!  It’s your wedding day!

2019-01-03_0043 2019-01-03_0044 2019-01-03_0045

The Accents always knock it out of the park

2019-01-03_0046 2019-01-03_0047 2019-01-03_0048 2019-01-03_0049 2019-01-03_0050

Great Crew: Makeup Artist Gina, Keith and Meg, and Juliana is all smiles


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