The Cuddeback Newborn #2 Session Clifton Park NY Newborn Photogrphers

Hitlin Wedding Alumni; Kait and Sam recently welcomed their baby girl to the family.  We were so excited to meet the newest family member when they called us for a newborn session.  We did some stuff inside of her cute little nursery.  Her big sister was there for pics and we just love the images of the two of them.  We did a few more outside their home and backyard.  Congrats again to the Cuddeback’s on baby #2.  

The Baby Nursery

The Cuddeback Family Newborn #2 Session

The ladies of the family

2021-09-29_0002 2021-09-29_0003

She already has dad’s heart

2021-09-29_0004 2021-09-29_0005 2021-09-29_0006 2021-09-29_0007

Isn’t She Lovely?


Oh My Goodness

2021-09-29_0009 2021-09-29_0010 2021-09-29_0011


2021-09-29_0012 2021-09-29_0013

So happy for this family

2021-09-29_0014 2021-09-29_0015 2021-09-29_0016 2021-09-29_0017 2021-09-29_0018 2021-09-29_0019 2021-09-29_0020 2021-09-29_0021

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