Sheldon Family Newborn Session Rensselaer County NY Lifestyle Newborn Photographers

Kelly and David welcomed their new little boy just a few weeks ago and we were so pleased to meet him.  We took some photos at their home in the little guy’s nursery.  The family dog, Caliber was very curious about us being there and wanted in on the session.  This little baby did so great as we took pictures and mom changed him into various outfits.  Congrats again Sheldons and thanks for choosing Hitlin Photography Inc.

Sheldon Family Newborn Session 2017-12-19_0002 2017-12-19_0003

He’s like a little elf


Caliber protecting his baby bro

2017-12-19_0006 2017-12-19_0007 2017-12-19_0008 2017-12-19_0009 2017-12-19_0010

LOVE this one!

2017-12-19_0011 2017-12-19_0012

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