Theresa & Gerard’s Engagement Session Albany NY Engagement Photographers

Theresa and Gerard met us in downtown Albany about 2 weeks ago for their engagement session. The couple are actually getting married this upcoming Saturday and we wanted to squeeze in their engagement session quickly before the big day.  We walked around downtown after some recent snow fall and captured some images on the streets and up near the capital building and empire plaza.  We’re looking forward to their big day this weekend at the Canfield Casino.

Theresa & Gerard's Engagement Session 2017-12-26_0002

These two look great together

2017-12-26_0003 2017-12-26_0004 2017-12-26_0005

Loved her trench coat

2017-12-26_0006 2017-12-26_0007 2017-12-26_0008 2017-12-26_0009 2017-12-26_0010


2017-12-26_0011 2017-12-26_0012 2017-12-26_0013 2017-12-26_0014 2017-12-26_0015 2017-12-26_0016

Some night shots

2017-12-26_0017 2017-12-26_0018

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