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Hitlin Wedding Alumni, Allison and Dan just welcomed their first born into the world.  We ventured over to the couple’s home in Western, MA for a newborn session.  This little guy was super sleepy when we arrived and it was a very warm summer day.  The house had a neat wrap around porch that served as a perfect location for newborn portraits.  All that heat helped to keep the little guy asleep.  We also did a few shots inside the baby’s nursery which has a nautical theme.  Allison and Dan’s wedding had the same theme.  We ended the session in a fully restored antique baby carriage that Dan’s father bought at an antique shop and restored himself.  So different and unique.  Congrats guys!  He is just precious!

LOVED shooting in this little nook on the porch

Koss Family Newborn Session 2016-09-22_0002 2016-09-22_0003

So in love with their little man

2016-09-22_0004 2016-09-22_0005 2016-09-22_0006

LOVE all the nautical details in the nursery.  Those are images of Allison and Dan when they were kids.  NEAT!

2016-09-22_0007 2016-09-22_0008

Such a cute little blueberry

2016-09-22_0009 2016-09-22_0010

Some favorite reading material

2016-09-22_0011 2016-09-22_0012

What a beautiful baby carriage.  Little guy was super comfy!

2016-09-22_0013 2016-09-22_0014

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