The Otis Large/Multi Family Session Troy NY Family Photographers

If you’ve followed Hitlin Photography over the years, this family probably looks familiar.  They are one of our Hitlin VIP families who have come back to us many times for photographing their life events.  It was so good to catch up with the Otis and Fane families recently for a Large/Multi Family Session that not only included the grandparents, but the Great Grandparents as well.  It was an excellent opportunity to capture some family group portraits and some touching intimate images with all the grandparents and their grandson Barrett, who is fighting Rett Syndrome.  To find out more about Rett Syndrome, head to  This family is a pillar of strength and hope as they all help Barrett in his battle.  Check out their upcoming AMAZING fundraising event to help with research and finding a cure at  Please donate if you can.

The Otis Large/Multi Family Session 2023-08-07_0021 2023-08-07_0022 2023-08-07_0023 2023-08-07_0024 2023-08-07_0025 2023-08-07_0026 2023-08-07_0027

One AMAZING family

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