The Otis Family Baby #2 Session Troy NY Newborn Baby Photographers

One of our favorite Hitlin Wedding Alumni couples, Alyssa and Rick just welcomed their second born son into the world.  We headed vover to the Fane Compound (lots of relatives live all together in different houses near by) to Alyssa and Rick’s newly built home to meet the little guy.  Just a few days old, he was such a little ham looking at our cameras for pictures.  Big brother was entertaining house guests (Grandma and Aunt Brittany-soon to be Hitlin Bride), and we captured a few of this energetic little boy and his new baby brother together.  Even their little cousin stopped by for some pics as well.  We always have a blast with this family and we love coming back to see the family grow.  It’s beautiful.  Congrats again Alyssa, Rick and big brother!

Hi there little man!

The Otis Family Baby #2 Session 2018-07-25_0002



Born just before Independence Day


Patriotic cousins


Big brother has the cutest faces




Cousin stopped by

2018-07-25_0008 2018-07-25_0009

Brotherly love

2018-07-25_0010 2018-07-25_0011 2018-07-25_0012

One happy family

2018-07-25_0013 2018-07-25_0014

Such an amazing grandmother

2018-07-25_0015 2018-07-25_0016

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