Sabrina & Adam’s Franklin Plaza Wedding Troy NY Wedding Photographers

Sabrina & Adam, June 9, 2018, Frankin Plaza


Sabrina and Adam had a beautiful day for their Wedding in Troy, NY.  Sabrina and her girls got ready in the newly refurbished bridal suite in the Best Western at Franklin Square Inn.  When we entered, Sabrina was in the makeup chair and was all smiles.  The girls practiced their dancing skills (especially the “floss”) while listening to an IPod and hanging out in their matching sweats.  Adam was getting ready with his guys a few doors down and when Keith arrived, Adam finished getting dressed and was toasted by his groomsmen.  Since the couple opted for a non-first look, we had to be careful to move about the hotel without each other seeing the other.  We first took Sabrina over to Franklin Plaza, where we did Bridesmaid shots, portraits of the Bride and her family.  She then went into hiding in Franklin’s Bridal Suite, and then Adam and his guys came over and we did the same for them.  The couple were married in the grand ballroom in a beautiful candlelit ceremony.  We then did Bride and Groom portraits and then the couple headed to cocktail hour.  Once the ceremony started, it was evident that this Bride liked to dance.  She loved spinning her dress and her smile was continuous throughout the day.  We took a break and headed to the roof top where we captured a beautiful sunset over Troy.  Everyone danced the night away and even enjoyed some very delicious looking Cider Belly Doughnut sundaes.  Thanks again Sabrina and Adam.  You two were so much fun and we loved capturing your special day.

Team of Wedding Professionals:

Officiant:  Lisa Proskin          Venue:  Franklin Plaza          Catering:  Franklin Hospitality          Cake:  Jackie Grenier (friend of B&G)          Dessert:  Cider Belly Doughnuts          Venue Coordinator:  Greg Cushman from Franklin Plaza          Music:  DJ Scott Hemming from SEH Entertainment          Floral Design:  Bountiful Blooms          Hair:  Michelle Ploof & Jennifer Marshall          Makeup:  Sam Armentano          Bride’s Gown:  David’s Bridal          Attendants’ Gowns:  David’s Bridal          Men’s Attire:  Choppa & Son          Rings:  Glennpeter Jewelers          Invitations:  Shutterfly          Photo Booth:  Action Photo Booths          Photography:  Keith & Meghan Hitlin of Hitlin Photography          Hashtag:  #OnCloudNardacci

Bride Prep.

Sabrian & Adam's Wedding 2018-07-24_0002 2018-07-24_0003 2018-07-24_0004

First Reveal with parents


Groom Prep.

2018-07-24_0006 2018-07-24_0007 2018-07-24_0008

She literally smiled the WHOLE day

2018-07-24_0009 2018-07-24_0010 2018-07-24_0011 2018-07-24_0012


2018-07-24_0013 2018-07-24_0014 2018-07-24_0015 2018-07-24_0016 2018-07-24_0017 2018-07-24_0018

Lots of great places around the Plaza for pics

2018-07-24_0019 2018-07-24_0020 2018-07-24_0021 2018-07-24_0023 2018-07-24_0024


2018-07-24_0025 2018-07-24_0026 2018-07-24_0027 2018-07-24_0028 2018-07-24_0029

The sunsets of the Franklin Rooftop are to DIE FOR!!!

2018-07-24_0030 2018-07-24_0031

Great team, Michelle on hair, Meghan trying not to get hit by a car, Keith arranging flowers, Deshawn from Franklin and Beth and Scott from SEH Entertainment


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