The Mills Family NY Family Photographers

We always have a blast when we meet up with the Mills family for their annual photo shoot.  Their little guy recently turned the big 1 and we had to get some adorable shots with his little hook and ladder truck.  We love watching this family grow.  Avril and Chester not only are #hitlinweddingalumni, but #hitlinvips since we see them annually.  How can you not smile looking at these kiddos?

Happy Birthday little man!

The Mills Family

They love their little brother

2017-12-06_0002 2017-12-06_0003

Love this family

2017-12-06_0004 2017-12-06_0005

She has the prettiest eyes.


The boys!!! Love that one with dad.


These 2 disappeared and here is where we found them.  Reminds me of Hansel & Gretel.

2017-12-06_0008 2017-12-06_0009

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