The Mabey Family Columbia County NY Family Photographers

Hitlin Wedding alumni, Marissa and Steve recently moved and wanted to capture a family session at their new home.  This beautiful property sits on acres of land and is gorgeous.  Marissa has a beautiful attention to detail and we love the home’s yellow door and the kids’ adorable outfits.  The little ones were so well behaved during the session, especially when some lollipops came out, LOL.  Thanks again Marissa and Steve for coming back to us and your new place and family are beautiful!

Aren’t these two the cutest?

Mabey Family Session2018-07-18_0002

In love with this yellow door


Mr. Blue eyes


Miss. Personality


Such a beautiful family and home

2018-07-18_0006 2018-07-18_0007 2018-07-18_0008 2018-07-18_0009 2018-07-18_0010 2018-07-18_0011 2018-07-18_0012

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