The Ferretti & Bryans Multi/Large Family Session Clifton Park Family Photographers

#HitlinWeddingAlumni Stephanie and Will contacted us for their annual family photo shoot, but wanted to incorporate both sides of their family into a large/multi family session at Steph’s parent’s home.  It was such a fun opportunity to see the Ferretti and Bryans’ families again since the last time we saw all of them was at Steph and Will’s wedding.  Of course, their twins stole the show as they are the only set of grandchildren on both sides.  We had so much fun capturing all of these smiling faces .

Steph, Will and their twins

The Ferretti & Bryans Multi/Large Family Session 2020-09-24_0002



Both families joined together


The Ferretti Family

2020-09-24_0005 2020-09-24_0006 2020-09-24_0007

The Ferretti Great-Grandma

2020-09-24_0008 2020-09-24_0009

Proud Ferretti Grandparents


The Bryans’ Family

2020-09-24_0011 2020-09-24_0012

The boys of the family

2020-09-24_0013 2020-09-24_0014 2020-09-24_0015

Proud Bryans’ Grandparents


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