Lyndsay & Kevin’s Engagement Session Schenectady NY Engagement Photographers

Lyndsay and Kevin met through a group of friends.  They were acquaintances for several years before Kevin asked Lyndsay for her number and then went on a first date.  Kevin proposed on a Sunday morning during Quarantine.  He had held onto the ring for about a month waiting for the perfect moment and decided that Sunday morning he was done waiting.  He had hid the ring in a super secure spot (the couch cushion), got it out and woke up Lyndsay bright and early showing her the ring and asking her that important question.  This sweet couple enjoy traveling and have been to such places as London, Amsterdam, Charleston and Napa Valley.  They are also foodies and love trying new food and wines.  They even named their puppy, Napa!  They also really love being at home and spending time with family and friends watching sports together.  Big Yankees fans, they also have a fierce rivalry when it comes to Fantasy Football Teams and each other’s favorite NFL Team.  It’s a Cowboys vs. Giants household.  We met this awesome couple in the Stockade section of Schenectady for their engagement session.  We had fun with their playful pup and even ventured over to the Van Dyck where they had a first date and the Mohawk River.  We can’t wait till October 2021 when we spend more time with them for their Wedding Day over at Albany Country Club.

Lyndsay & Kevin's Engagement Session

Isn’t Napa the cutest?

2020-09-23_0002 2020-09-23_0003 2020-09-23_0004

Napa likes to JUMP!

2020-09-23_0005 2020-09-23_0006 2020-09-23_0007

Love all the Stockade front steps

2020-09-23_0008 2020-09-23_0009

The Van Dyck, where it all started

2020-09-23_0010 2020-09-23_0011 2020-09-23_0012 2020-09-23_0013 2020-09-23_0014 2020-09-23_0015 2020-09-23_0016

Sunset over the river

2020-09-23_0017 2020-09-23_0018 2020-09-23_0019 2020-09-23_0020



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