The Bielawa Family Capital District NY Family Photographers

Hitlin Wedding Alumni, Carey and Jerid met up with us at Indian Ladder Farms for some family portraits.  The couple have  the most adorable twins, and today they turn 1 year old.  How cute are they?  They both have smiles that can light up a room and if they have even half the personality of their parents, these two will form friendships and love wherever they go.  We can’t wait to see these little ones grow.  Thanks Carey and Jerid for coming back to Hitlin Inc. for your first official family shoot.

The Bielawa Family Session

AH, those SMILES!


I think she is saying, “hey dad, pay attention to me.”


I wish you could hear those giggles

2016-12-01_0004 2016-12-01_0005 2016-12-01_0006 2016-12-01_0007 2016-12-01_0008

Oh man!


They are too cute!  Love those blue eyes.

2016-12-01_0010 2016-12-01_0011 2016-12-01_0012 2016-12-01_0013



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