Rachel & Collin’s Historic Catskill Point Wedding Catskill NY Wedding Photographers

Rachel & Collin, June 8, 2019, Historic Catskill Point


We love our couples, but definitely love those couples that roll with the punches.  Rachel and Collin were meant to be.  Coming from a small town, these two ran in similar circles for awhile.  Collin has a way about him that keeps Rachel giggling and we shared lots of laughs throughout their wedding day.  Rachel and her girls got ready at Rachel’s Aunt’s house. The girls had just finished hair and makeup when we arrived, and then they helped Rachel get into her gown.  It was quite the hot day outside so we stayed in the air for a celebratory toast with her girls before heading over to the church.  Mt. Pleasant Reformed Church is nestled in the hills of Columbia County.  About 230 guests filled the small church to witness this couple get married.  Rachel walked with her dad down the aisle to the altar where Collin was stuck behind his groomsmen as he didn’t know when to come out.  It was comical watching him see his bride over the shoulders of his Groomsmen before busting through to be face to face with his beauty.  As the ceremony proceeded, the Best Man almost dropped the rings, but when Collin went to slip the ring on Rachel’s finger, he did drop it.  Rachel was a good sport and I think everyone in that church who knew Collin expected nothing less, LOL.  After they were officially wed, they recessed outside where the whole Wedding Party had a good laugh with the couple.  We headed across the river to the Historic Catskill Point where we finished up pictures before guests arrived.  Guests enjoyed great food and libations provided by Creekside and they began to dance.  Boy, did this crowd come to dance!  A packed dance floor all night; to be exact.  Thanks to DJ Fernando.  We slipped out at two different times with the couple to capture some amazing sunset shots over the river.  It was such a fun day!  We hope that you guys continue to find laughter in your lives; Rachel and Collin.  Keith and I feel this is a the”key” to a long and happy marriage!  Congrats!

Team of Wedding Professionals:

Officiant:  Pastor Dave Tipple          Ceremony Location:  Mt. Pleasant Reformed Church          Venue:  Historic Catskill Point          Venue Coordinator:  Patty Austin from the Historic Catskill Point          Catering:  Creekside Restaurant          Catering Coordinator:  Liz Kirkhus from Creekside Restaurant          Cake & Cupcakes:  Annie Hanson Cakes          Music:  DJ Fernando Bustamante from Conway Entertainment          Floral Design:  Chatham Flowers          Makeup:  Samantha Barrett from Samantha Serenity Spa & Elizabeth Bucci from Elizabeth Bucci Esthetics          Hair:  Joan Harder, Carolann McComb, and Sasha Rustici          Bride’s Gown:  BHLDN          Attendants’ Gowns:  Show Me Your Mumu          Men’s Attire:  Peebles          Rings:  Hannoush Jewelers          Invitations:  Shutterfly          Transportation:  Coxsackie Transport          BagPiper:  Colleen Barrett          Cookies:  Rookie Farm Bakery          Photography:  Keith & Meghan Hitlin of Hitlin Photography Inc.

Bride Prep.

Rachel & Collin's Wedding 2019-07-23_0002 2019-07-23_0003 2019-07-23_0004 2019-07-23_0005 2019-07-23_0006


2019-07-23_0007 2019-07-23_0008

AND…. Here comes Collin

2019-07-23_0009 2019-07-23_0010 2019-07-23_0011

LOL, Collin

2019-07-23_0012 2019-07-23_0013

Ya gotta keep laughing

2019-07-23_0014 2019-07-23_0015 2019-07-23_0016 2019-07-23_0017

Across the river to the Historic Catskill Point

2019-07-23_0018 2019-07-23_0019 2019-07-23_0020 2019-07-23_0021 2019-07-23_0022

These 2!

2019-07-23_0023 2019-07-23_0024


2019-07-23_0025 2019-07-23_0026 2019-07-23_0027 2019-07-23_0028

The Father of the Bride had some great things to say about Collin


This sword has cut all the family’s wedding cakes.  Had to get a shot of their rings on it.

2019-07-23_0030 2019-07-23_0031

Um, yeah, this happened!

2019-07-23_0032 2019-07-23_0033 2019-07-23_0035

It got even more dramatic

2019-07-23_0037 2019-07-23_0038 2019-07-23_0039

Wonderful team; Chatham Flowers, Creekside, Meg and Keith and DJ Fernando!


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