Rachel & Adrian’s Greywacke Meadows Wedding Rensselaer County NY Wedding Photographers

Rachel & Adrian, Greywacke Meadows, October 9, 2020


Get ready for a long post, because this wedding here was full of so much color and beauty.  Rachel and Adrian got married back in October at Greywacke Meadows.  They had an absolutely beautiful fall day for their Wedding.  Rachel and her girls had hair and makeup done on premises in the Farmhouse, while Adrian and his guys got dressed up in the barn loft.  Both had pictures taken of prep and then had a first look in the garden.  The fall foliage was at peak and as we moved around the property for pictures, we had fun capturing so many vivid colors.  We especially loved the swing out front. Of course, Greywacke Meadow’s vintage Red GMC truck is always a centerpiece for photos and this couple looked great with it.  They were married in front of an intimate number of family and friends across the street in the field.  The wedding arch was adorned with beautiful flowers from our friend Melissa from Poppytree Floral.  Fun comments were made by the officiant and everyone giggled throughout the ceremony.  They even tied the knot (literally).  After the ceremony, we drove down the road for some amazing pictures near the resevoir before returning for a few more outside pics before the sun went down.  As everyone was lining up for the entrance into the reception, the sun cast a brilliant orange glow on the couple that continued to shine on them all the way through their first dance. It was like nature’s own spot light on them.  Old Daley Custom Catering were busy outside preparing dinner and we saw some familiar faces of the Keary family who happen to be related to the Groom.  The night ended on the Patio near the outdoor fire pit, which looked so inviting with warm flannel blankets to cuddle up with on the benches.  Rachel and Adrian, you had such an amazing day and visually, one we will never forget.  We are so happy for you both and even happier that you chose to still get married in 2020.  You two are amazing.

Team of Wedding Professionals:

Officiant:  Gary Bristol (Bride’s Uncle)          Ceremony Music:  Singer KellyRose Fluty          Venue:  Greywacke Meadows          Venue Coordinator:  Jane McDermott from Greywacke Meadows          Catering:  Old Daley Custom Catering          Catering Coordinator:  Susan Minahan from Old Daley          Cake:  Perfect Blend Bakery          Music:  Fernando Bustamante and Channing Tullis Koonce from Conway Entertainment         Floral Design:  Poppytree Floral Design          Makeup:  Taylor O’Malley-Jura from Taylor-Made Beauty          Hair:  Meagan LaPorta          Bride’s Gown:  Essence of Australia from Pearl Bridal Boutique          Attendants’ Gowns:  David’s Bridal          Men’s Attire:  Men’s Wearhouse        Rings:  Northeastern Fine Jewelry          Invitations:  Zazzle         Dessert:  Cider Donuts from Altamont Orchards          Photography:  Keith & Meghan Hitlin of Hitlin Photography Inc.          Hashtag:  #VowingToBeVadney 

Bride Prep.

Rachel & Adrian's Wedding

Greywacke Meadows is absolutely stunning

2020-11-19_0002 2020-11-19_0003 2020-11-19_0004 2020-11-19_0005 2020-11-19_0006

Gram approves


Groom Prep.

2020-11-19_00092020-11-19_0010 2020-11-19_0011


2020-11-19_0012 2020-11-19_0013 2020-11-19_0014 2020-11-19_0015

First Look

2020-11-19_0016 2020-11-19_0017

Rachel looked AMAZING



2020-11-19_0019 2020-11-19_0020 2020-11-19_0021

The Famous Greywacke Meadow Vintage Red Truck

2020-11-19_0022 2020-11-19_00232020-11-19_0024 2020-11-19_0025 2020-11-19_0026

Well, it is 2020

2020-11-19_0027 2020-11-19_0028 2020-11-19_0029


2020-11-19_0030 2020-11-19_0031

Funny part of the Ceremony, LOL

2020-11-19_0032 2020-11-19_00332020-11-19_0034 2020-11-19_0035

They “literally” tied the knot

2020-11-19_00362020-11-19_0037 2020-11-19_00382020-11-19_0039

The Reservoir makes a perfect backdrop

2020-11-19_0041 2020-11-19_00422020-11-19_0043 2020-11-19_00442020-11-19_0045 2020-11-19_0046 2020-11-19_0047


2020-11-19_0048 2020-11-19_0049

That sun hit perfectly on them as they were about to enter


OMG, and continued to shine on them for their First Dance

2020-11-19_0051 2020-11-19_00522020-11-19_0053 2020-11-19_0054

Old Daley Custom Catering outside hard at work

2020-11-19_00552020-11-19_0056 2020-11-19_00572020-11-19_0058

Special Made Donut Station


Out on the Patio

2020-11-19_0060 2020-11-19_0061

The Team:  Meagan and Taylor on Beauty, Melissa hanging vines, the amazing Keary Family,  Meg getting ready for entrances,  Janice & Susan from Old Daley, DJ Fernando, Jane welcoming the couple to the barn and the famous Marty Keary-donut station maker extrodinnaire


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