MaKenzie & Stephen’s Engagement Session Lenox MA Engagement Photographers

MaKenzie and Stephen met through Bumble.  They talked for over a month and eventually went on their first date to Forno Bistro in Saratoga Springs.  MaKenzie chose the location in case the date went sour; however, Steve turned out to be amazing and MaKenzie fell immediately in love.  This couple enjoys watching the Family Feud together each night as they have a friendly competition with each other.  If one of their chosen family wins, then the winner gets to pick a prize.  The prizes have ranged from who makes dinner, back or foot rubs, who will walk the dog the next morning, etc.  MaKenzie tells us that she always wins, LOL.  The couple have a Golden Retriever named Bodhi, who they love.  They love watching the Giants play and are season ticket holders.  They also love traveling to Lake Placid where we will all head in January 2020 to capture their big day at Whiteface Lodge.   We had a ton of fun hanging out with these two on the gorgeous property of the Mount in Lenox, MA.  This place never disappoints and the couple went with 2 different changes of clothing so we were able to capture so many great shots.  Can’t wait to spend their Wedding day with them this upcoming January.

MaKenzie & Stephen's Engagement Session 2019-08-15_0002

So many great spots at the Mount

2019-08-15_0003 2019-08-15_0004 2019-08-15_0005

Love shots of the house in the background

2019-08-15_0006 2019-08-15_0007 2019-08-15_0008 2019-08-15_0009

The way they look at each other is adorable

2019-08-15_0010 2019-08-15_0011 2019-08-15_0012

Change of clothing

2019-08-15_0013 2019-08-15_0014 2019-08-15_0015

Love their expressions


Love the framing on this pic

2019-08-15_0017 2019-08-15_0018

It’s ok to be goofy

2019-08-15_0019 2019-08-15_0020 2019-08-15_0021 2019-08-15_0022

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