Candace & Pete’s Family Session Greene County NY Family Photographers

Candace and Pete have been with us for a while now and are true #hitlinVIPS.  They hit us up for their annual photo shoot this time of year to capture their family.  We love seeing them and get overjoyed when we get to work with their boys.  Their oldest son is Autistic and non-verbal but has developed a certain repour with Keith photographing him over the years and Keith knows just how to capture that beautiful face.  The little brother is always up for fun and likes to move around; a lot.  So good seeing this family each time.  Those boys are getting so big, Candace!

Candace & Pete's Family Session

Love real unposed photos like this

2019-08-21_0002 2019-08-21_0003

Those eyes!

2019-08-21_0004 2019-08-21_0005 2019-08-21_0006

Come on Daddy, let’s run


Even Grandma got in on a pic

2019-08-21_0008 2019-08-21_0009

Beautiful family

2019-08-21_0010 2019-08-21_0011

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