Liz & Joe’s Inn at Erlowest Wedding Lake George NY Wedding Photographers

Liz & Joe, July 8, 2017, Inn at Erlowest



THIS wedding RIGHT HERE is nothing short of spectacular in our books.  I’m not going to lie, the whole day felt more like a unique event than another day of work for us.  Probably because of the WEATHER!  When Keith and I left to head north to Lake George, it was raining like a monsoon in Albany.  We passed multiple cars pulled off the road with hazard signals on.  We always come prepared for weather; checking our weather apps and bringing along a slew of umbrellas and plastic camera coverings, but driving through this, we prepared for the worst weather.  As we drove more north, the skies opened up and blue broke through very fluffy white clouds.  The weather in Lake George was picture perfect!  We met  Liz and the girls getting ready at Erlowest and then headed over to Top of the World Golf Course where we met up with Joe and the guys.  We set up for the ceremony; which let me say has to be one of the prettiest ceremony locations we’ve shot at.  The view alone is to die for since this Golf Course is nestled up the mountain from Lake George.  The ceremony was held outdoors and throughout the ceremony, we could see a wicked storm brewing in the distance over the lake.  It caused some really dramatic skies during the end of the ceremony.  Since impending rain was surely on it’s way, we made our time short at the Golf Course capturing a quick few shots of the wedding party and couple.  We got everyone inside the enclosed trolley and DOWN POUR.  It rained HARD on our trip back to Erlowest.  Funny enough, it was like someone turned off the faucet when we arrived, cause it cleared up as we parked.  After cocktail hour on the veranda and a few more pictures of the couple down near the lake, everyone headed indoors to the grand ballroom for reception.  The band Something Else performed and guests danced the night away, even giving chance for a friend of the couple (who sounds just like Dave Matthews), and even the groom himself to perform.  A slight rainbow was seen over the lake and we quickly grabbed some shots of that as well.  IT was AMAZING!

Well Liz and Joe, what can we say, your wedding day will always go down in our records as a stunner!  We are still in awe of the weather and how it worked so much to our advantage and the timing of it was CRAZY.  You two are truly meant to be and we’re glad we were there to capture it all for you.  All our best!

Team of Wedding Professionals:

Officiant:  Reverend Carol C. Von Kaenel          Ceremony Location:   Top of the World Golf Course          Reception Location:  Inn at Erlowest          Catering:  Inn at Erlowest          Cake:  Lake George Baking Co.          Coordinator:  Alexis Wallace & Juliana Vicari from Inn at Erlowest          Band:  Something Else          Floral Design:  Fleurtacious Designs          Hair/Makeup:  Make Me Fabulous          Bride’s Gown:  Martina Liana from Lily of Saratoga          Mens’ Attire:  Mens’ Wearhouse          Rings:  Kay Jewelers & Macy’s          Invitations:  Shutterfly          Transportation:  Albany Trolley          Photo Booth:  Silly Snaps Photo Booth          Ceremony Music:  Ben Martin          Photography:  Keith & Meghan Hitlin of Hitlin Photography          Hashtag:  #BeautyandtheBaia

Bride Prep.

Liz & Joe's Wedding 2017-08-15_0003 2017-08-15_0004 2017-08-15_0005 2017-08-15_0006 2017-08-15_0007 2017-08-15_0008 2017-08-15_0009 2017-08-15_0010

First Reveal with Dad

2017-08-15_0011 2017-08-15_0012

Oh man, that dress!  She’s a beauty!


The Groom and his guys at Top of the World Golf Course

2017-08-15_0014 2017-08-15_0015

Ceremony (THAT VIEW!)

2017-08-15_0016 2017-08-15_0017 2017-08-15_0018 2017-08-15_0019 2017-08-15_0020

See the storm brewing in the distance!  It’s coming!

2017-08-15_0021 2017-08-15_0022 2017-08-15_0023 2017-08-15_0024 2017-08-15_0025

LOVE a couple not afraid of anything!

2017-08-15_0026 2017-08-15_0027

Back at Erlowest

2017-08-15_0029 2017-08-15_0030 2017-08-15_0031 2017-08-15_0032


2017-08-15_0033 2017-08-15_0034 2017-08-15_0035

Joe’s brother, Bryan for his speech wrote them a custom song entitled the date they met and sung it to them.  The couple were surprised!

2017-08-15_0036 2017-08-15_0037 2017-08-15_0038 2017-08-15_0039

And yup, we got a rainbow!

2017-08-15_0040 2017-08-15_0041

Such a cool moment.  The Groom signing to his Bride.

2017-08-15_0042 2017-08-15_0043

Something Else (the band) KILLED IT!


Great Team, Alexis getting a small stain out to of the Bride’s gown, Meg, ladies of Erlowest, Dan from Silly Snaps and the ladies from Make Me Fab


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