Michelle & Michael’s Engagement Session Saratoga Springs NY Engagement Photographers

We met Michelle and Michael up in Saratoga Springs for their engagement session a few nights back.  We started in Congress Park, which happened to be busy with a play in the park that night, so we moved around for little quiet nooks to take some shots.  We fell in love with some of the fountains and even captured a water rainbow in some shots.  We walked around the city for a bit and stopped into Ben and Jerry’s for a quick ice cream and then on to City Tavern for a beer up on their roof overlook of the city.  We had a lot of fun and we can’t wait to spend the day with this couple again in May 2018 for their wedding at the Glen Sanders Mansion.

Michelle & Michael's Engagement Session 2017-08-14_0002 2017-08-14_0003 2017-08-14_0004

Love these images with the water rainbow

2017-08-14_0005 2017-08-14_0006 2017-08-14_0007 2017-08-14_0008 2017-08-14_0009

Ice cream and some bling

2017-08-14_0010 2017-08-14_0011 2017-08-14_0012

Saratoga City Tavern

2017-08-14_0013 2017-08-14_0014 2017-08-14_0015 2017-08-14_0016 2017-08-14_0017 2017-08-14_0018

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