Jen & Jay’s Greywacke Meadows Wedding Albany NY Wedding Photographers

Jen & Jay, September 24, 2022, Greywacke Meadows


Jen and Jay’s Wedding Day ended our September out at Greywacke Meadows.  Both Jen and Jay got ready on the grounds and Jen and her girls had a slew of hair and makeup professionals on hand to work on the entire group of girls.  Jay and the guys got dressed up in the barn loft and the couple’s sons took part in photos of prep and even got a first reveal with Jen once she was dressed.  We love how much they played an important role throughout the day.  If Jay looks familiar, you may remember at the beginning of the year when we did some special photos of Jay arriving at the airport when he came home from Military deployment.  Many military details were seen in this day too and we love that he wore his dress blues.  The couple were married outside under the sun.  During the ceremony they performed a special lock and key ceremony with their sons and then after their kiss, the couple walked through soldiers with swords raised; which is tradition in the Military.  Of course not passing till they shared another kiss.  The reception was full of dancing, toasts, formal dances and lots of fun.  Funk Evolution had everyone dancing and later in the evening, Jen changed her dress and the couple surprised their guests with a choreographed dance they took lessons for.  The night ended with the couple having a private last dance while guests gathered outside for a sparkler send off.  What a day that was and we are so honored that you chose Hitlin Photography to capture it all; Jen and Jay.  Wishing you happiness and a long beautiful marriage!

Team of Wedding Professionals:

Officiant:  David Washburn from Love N Commitment 4 Ever          Wedding Planners:  Bashes (Tonya Mullen & KellyLynn Bentz)          Venue:  Greywacke Meadows          Venue Coordinator:  Jane McDermott from Greywacke Meadows          Catering:  Guiliano’s          Cake:  Serogini          Floral Design:  Price Chopper          Band:  Funk Evolution          Makeup:  Seraphina Divine Beauty (Autumn Wright)          Hair:  Marianne Morgalis, Ariel Turner, Faschia Bella          Bride’s Gown:  David’s Bridal          Attendants’ Gowns:  David’s Bridal           Men’s Attire:  Mr. Formal Wear         Rings:  Northeastern Fine Jewelers          Invitations:  Zazzle          Video:  Al Woodard from Al Woodard Films          Photo Booth:  Music Man Entertainment          Transportation:  Royal Transportation          Favors:  Donation to Saratoga War Horse          Choreographers:  Fred Astaire of Latham          Photography:  Keith & Meghan Hitlin of Hitlin Photography Inc.          Hashtag:  #JenandJaysBigDay

Bride Prep.

2022-11-17_0014 2022-11-17_0015

Groom Prep. and epic ring shot

2022-11-17_0016 2022-11-17_0017 2022-11-17_0018 2022-11-17_0019

The boys doing their hair

2022-11-17_0020 2022-11-17_0021 2022-11-17_0022

Opening gifts

2022-11-17_0023 2022-11-17_0024 2022-11-17_0025

First Reveal with her sons

2022-11-17_0026 2022-11-17_0027

So beautiful

2022-11-17_0028 2022-11-17_0029

Love when a Groom wears Dress Blues

2022-11-17_0030 2022-11-17_0031


2022-11-17_0032 2022-11-17_0033 2022-11-17_0035 2022-11-17_0036 2022-11-17_0037 2022-11-17_0038 2022-11-17_0039 2022-11-17_0040 2022-11-17_0041 2022-11-17_0042

Military Send Off



2022-11-17_0045 2022-11-17_0046 2022-11-17_0048 2022-11-17_0049 2022-11-17_0050 2022-11-17_0051 2022-11-17_0052 2022-11-17_0053 2022-11-17_0054 2022-11-17_0055 2022-11-17_0056 2022-11-17_0057 2022-11-17_0058 2022-11-17_0060 2022-11-17_0061 2022-11-17_0062 2022-11-17_0063 2022-11-17_0064


2022-11-17_0065 2022-11-17_0066 2022-11-17_0067 2022-11-17_0068 2022-11-17_0069 2022-11-17_0070 2022-11-17_0071 2022-11-17_0072 2022-11-17_0073

Greywacke’s iconic Red Vintage Truck

2022-11-17_0074 2022-11-17_0075

Line Dancing


Funk Evolution is in the house!

2022-11-17_0077 2022-11-17_0078 2022-11-17_0079

A surprise Choreographed Dance to show the guests

2022-11-17_0080 2022-11-17_0081

Private Last Dance and Sparklers


Epic Team of Wedding Professionals here!


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