The Riegel Multi-Family Session Albany NY Family Photographers

The entire Riegel family congregated at mom and dad’s house for a grand multi-family session with us a few weeks back.  Hitlin wedding alumni, Mackenzie and Linnea were among the crowd of Mackenzie’s family of 23 people.  Mom and Dad, Barb and John are definitely blessed with an abundance of love in not only their children, but their 11 grandchildren.  Those two have passed down some wonderful genes cause the family is picture perfect and such amazingly friendly people.  We had a blast with them all!

The entire family

The Riegel Multi-Family Session

Grandparents and their pride and joy; their grandchildren

2016-10-10_0002 2016-10-10_0006 2016-10-10_0007

Hitlin Wedding Alumni, Mackenzie and Linnea.  LOVED seeing them again!

2016-10-10_0008 2016-10-10_0009 2016-10-10_0010



Ok, so who’s the trouble maker?


The original 7 Riegels


Mom & Dad


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