The Riegel Family Large Multi Family Session Albany NY Family Photographers

Anytime we get a chance to spend some time with a member of the Riegel family, it is awesome.  When we get to see all of them in one place; we treasure it.  This family is amazing and we love that they call us for their large group family pictures.  Daughter Mackenzie and her wife Linnea are #hitlinweddingalumni and we fell in love with the entire family at their wedding.  They come full of smiles and the kids bring the fun.  We shot at a nearby rustic farm and took not only large group shots but also each family’s portraits.  It’s always a fun time with this crew.  Thanks again Reigels!!! We love ya!

The WHOLE family

The Reigel Family Large Multi Family Session

Grandparents and Grandkids

2019-10-02_0002 2019-10-02_0003

It all began with these 2


The original 7

2019-10-02_0005 2019-10-02_0006

Brother’s family


Sister’s Family


Sister’s Family


Sister’s Family


Sister’s Family


I bet family parties are fun with this crew!


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