The Otis Family Session Troy NY Family Photographers

The Otis Family have been a favorite family of ours for years and rank as one of our Hitlin VIP families.  We’ve been with them from the beginning when we first met Alyssa and Rick and did their engagement session, then amazing wedding, to the newborn sessions of each of their kids.  They are currently a family of 5 and soon to be a family of 6, as they are expecting their 4th child soon.  It’s always fun catching up and these kiddos keep it fun .  Mom and Dad are a class act too!  We truly love them all.  Can’t wait to meet the newest family member early next year.

The Otis Family Session

Time to visit the farm animals

2020-10-28_0015 2020-10-28_0016

An amazing family plus one sly photo bomb

2020-10-28_0017 2020-10-28_0018 2020-10-28_0019

Momma and her girl

2020-10-28_0020 2020-10-28_0021

3 adorable kids

2020-10-28_0022 2020-10-28_0023 2020-10-28_0024 2020-10-28_0025

Expecting new brother or sister soon

2020-10-28_0026 2020-10-28_0027

Such an amazing mom and look at how she glows


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