The Otis Family Newborn #4 Session Troy NY Newborn Photographers

If you’ve been a fan of Hitlin Photography Inc. over the years, you most certainly recognize this family.  Alyssa and Rick have been with us for years now; starting way back with their engagement session.  Over the years, we have shot their Wedding and the newborn photos of each of their children.  We’ve even done some family photos of them together and with their amazing extended family.  They are truly Hitlin Family VIPs and we love every time we get to spend time with this crew.  They welcomed their 4th child a few weeks back and we were back at it again with them.  Alyssa and Rick are super parents with now 4 kiddos under 5 years old.  I don’t know how they do it, but they always have a smile on their face when we are with them.  Congrats again to the Otis fam on their beautiful new baby boy.  Family GOALS right here I tell ya!

We just love this family

The Otis Family #4 Newborn Session

Beautiful momma




The boys and 2 oldest


Big sister loves her baby brother

2021-03-05_0006 2021-03-05_0007 2021-03-05_0008 2021-03-05_0009

Cool dad alert!


The best with getting them all together and looking up; LOL. Not easy to do with this crew!


Awe, the little guy

2021-03-05_0012 2021-03-05_0013 2021-03-05_0014 2021-03-05_0015

So ardorable

2021-03-05_0016 2021-03-05_0017

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