The Lyons’ Family NY Family Photographers

We just love seeing this Hitlin Wedding Alumni couple each year, who make their way from NJ to come up to see us.  We’ve been photographing them since their Engagement Session, and now love seeing their family each year.  Robyn and John have 2 adorable girls who love to play.  We met up at Glen Brook Farm for some summer evening family pics and these images are so full of sun and fun.  We especially love how they used a bubble machine and the girls absolutely had a blast with it.  Such a great mom and dad and a beautiful family.

The Lyons' Family Session 2023-09-18_0002 2023-09-18_0003 2023-09-18_0004 2023-09-18_0005

Fun with Bubbles

2023-09-18_0006 2023-09-18_0007 2023-09-18_0008 2023-09-18_0009 2023-09-18_0010 2023-09-18_0011 2023-09-18_0012

Beautiful Family portrait


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