The Jenkins Family Session Albany NY Family Photographers

Erin contacted us to set up a family session for the fall but really wanted a location where her son could play in the leaves.  We found a spot close by that was perfect.  The leaves were starting to fall and their little guy came prepared with an adorable small rake.  He had a blast raking and throwing leaves around.  He even came across a worm. It was great seeing you again Jenkins family.

The Jenkins Family Session 2019-11-02_0002

He found a worm


Look at that smile

2019-11-02_0004 2019-11-02_0005

Good ole’ family fun

2019-11-02_0006 2019-11-02_0007 2019-11-02_0008 2019-11-02_0009 2019-11-02_0010 2019-11-02_0011 2019-11-02_0012

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