Taylor & Steve’s Orchard Creek Golf Club Wedding Altamont NY Wedding Photographers

Taylor & Steve, September 14, 2019, Orchard Creek Golf Club


This wedding is a stunner!  Maybe it’s because Orchard Creek Golf Club has one of the prettiest outdoor venues to get married at or maybe it’s how gorgeous this Bride was all day. I’d go with both.  We were on our second wedding of our double header weekend in September when we headed to Altamont to capture the big day of Taylor and Steve.  Taylor had just finished with hair and makeup and was mingling with her girls in the bridal suite when we arrived.  Taylor had 5 flower girls in her wedding party who were SO EXCITED to see Taylor get married.  Taylor wanted a first reveal with the little ladies before stepping out to do her First Reveal with Steve at their Ceremony site.  Taylor has the prettiest auburn hair and as we walked around Orchard Creek’s apple orchard, the apple color on the trees complemented her look even more.  Steve is such a cool guy.  He had a smile on his face all day and loved cuddling up to his bride.  The two were married in an outdoor ceremony and guests were treated to a glass of Iced Tea or Lemonade with their choice of Tito’s or not.  The couple’s beloved dog Branson stole the show as the most adorable ring bearer and actually sat still and watched his parents get married.  Later on in Reception, there was a whole table dedicated to Cider Belly Doughnuts.  It’s a good thing that we photographed the table early on, because that baby was picked over in a matter of minutes.  The most AMAZING sunset occurred out over the field and was the color of a fiery inferno.  We really had so many awesome photo opportunities with this couple, that I’d have to say, it goes down as a favorite wedding day for us.  Thanks Taylor and Steve for choosing Hitlin Photography for your BEST DAY EVER!  Wishing you all the love in the world!

Team of Wedding Professionals:

Officiant: Sean Crowley (friend of B&G)          Venue:  Orchard Creek Golf Club          Catering:  Cider House Restaurant at Orchard Creek          Venue Coordinator:  Lindsay Sheehan from Orchard Creek          Cake:  Villa Italia          Doughnuts:  Cider Belly Doughnuts          Music:  Zane Krumanocker from Superfly Sounds          Floral Design:  Farmhouse Floral Design         Hair:  Painted by Ashley Marie-Ashley Smith          Makeup:  Color Me Gorgeous-Rachel Duncan          Groom’s Hair:  Gregory’s Barber Shop          Bride’s Gown:  Maggie Sottero from Bridal Gallery by Yvonne          Attendants’ Gowns:  David’s Bridal          Men’s Attire:  Waldorf Tuxedo Company          Rings:  Glennpeter Jewelers          Invitations:  Shutterfly          Transportation:  First Student Charter Bus Rental          Photography:  Keith & Meghan Hitlin of Hitlin Photography Inc.          Hashtag:  #TaylorMadeforSteve

Bride Prep.

2019-10-30_0010 2019-10-30_0011

Such a cute group of Flower Girls


2019-10-30_0012 2019-10-30_0013 2019-10-30_0014

Meanwhile, what the guys were up to

2019-10-30_0015 2019-10-30_0016 2019-10-30_0017 2019-10-30_0018 2019-10-30_0019

First Look

2019-10-30_0020 2019-10-30_0021 2019-10-30_0022 2019-10-30_0023

I mean seriously, Taylor!!!! ON FIRE!

2019-10-30_0024 2019-10-30_0025 2019-10-30_0026

Just a stroll in the apple orchard

2019-10-30_0027 2019-10-30_0029 2019-10-30_0030 2019-10-30_0031

BRANSON!! He’s one HOT Dog!!

2019-10-30_0032 2019-10-30_0033

Would you look at his smile

2019-10-30_0034 2019-10-30_0035 2019-10-30_0036


2019-10-30_0037 2019-10-30_0038 2019-10-30_0039 2019-10-30_0040 2019-10-30_0041 2019-10-30_0042 2019-10-30_0043 2019-10-30_0044 2019-10-30_0045 2019-10-30_0047 2019-10-30_0048 2019-10-30_0049

You have to take a trip to the bridge when you’re at Orchard Creek

2019-10-30_0050 2019-10-30_0051 2019-10-30_0052 2019-10-30_0054





Choreographed First Dance

2019-10-30_0057 2019-10-30_0058 2019-10-30_0059

OUR LUCK WITH SUNSETS!!!!!!  Keeping it up!!

2019-10-30_0060 2019-10-30_0062 2019-10-30_0063 2019-10-30_0064

A fun team: Keith under the table and getting close with Brandon, Lindsay from Orchard Creek with Meg and DJ ZANE!!!


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