The Janowski Family Newborn #3 Schenectady NY Family Photographers

#HitlinWeddingAlumni, Stephanie and Marc just welcomed their 3rd child to the family.  We were delighted to meet the new little lady along with seeing her older siblings and mom and dad.  The family is now a party of 5 and you can see how much love is shared in their home.  I think this little one with have the best big siblings anyone can ask for.

Little Unicorn

The Janowski Family Newborn #3 2022-03-01_0002 2022-03-01_0003 2022-03-01_0004

Proud siblings

2022-03-01_0005 2022-03-01_0006 2022-03-01_0007 2022-03-01_0008


2022-03-01_0009 2022-03-01_0010 2022-03-01_0011 2022-03-01_0012 2022-03-01_0013 2022-03-01_0014 2022-03-01_0015

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