The DeFilippo Newborn Session Albany NY Lifestyle Newborn Photographers

Loved hanging out with #hitlinalumni Heather and Joe a few weeks back for their newborn session welcoming their baby boy into the world.  The little guy is adorable and the new parents are adjusting quite nicely.  So good seeing you guys and congrats again.

The DeFilippo Newborn Session 2019-09-23_0002 2019-09-23_0003

Mom and her boy


Now a party of 3

2019-09-23_0006 2019-09-23_0007 2019-09-23_0008 2019-09-23_0009


2019-09-23_0010 2019-09-23_0011 2019-09-23_0012 2019-09-23_0013

Cute little nursery

2019-09-23_0014 2019-09-23_0015 2019-09-23_0016 2019-09-23_0017 2019-09-23_0018 2019-09-23_0019 2019-09-23_0020

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