The deBoer Multi-Family Session Columbia County NY Family Photographers

We love seeing some faces from our past.  Hitlin Wedding Alumni, Jessa and Henry got together with Henry’s siblings and gifted their mom; Dolores a Hitlin family photo session.  It was so nice seeing everyone from the family again.  We met over at Ooms Pond and photographed the family as a whole and each sub-family as well.  Even the Grandkids got a special photo with their grandparents.  It was such a great session.  

The Whole Family

The deBoer Multi-Family Session

How it started

2021-07-12_0002 2021-07-12_0003 2021-07-12_0004 2021-07-12_0005

#HitlinAlumni Jessa and Henry


The Original 6


Happy Grandparents


All the Grandkids together

2021-07-12_0009 2021-07-12_0010 2021-07-12_0011

Love this shot of the original “kids”

2021-07-12_0012 2021-07-12_0013

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