The Cassidy/Meglino Multi Family Session Albany NY Family Photographers

We’ve been photographing the Cassidy family for a few years, and this year we were able to meet the extended family for a multi-family session.  Jen’s parents came along with her sister and brother’s family for photos of everyone.  It was a great fall day and everyone brought their best smiles.  We love generational photography and capturing everyone together.

The Whole Family

Cassidy/Meglino Multi-Family Session

Sister’s Family

2022-11-15_0013 2022-11-15_0014

Brother’s Family

2022-11-15_0015 2022-11-15_0016

Sister and Significant Other


All began with these 2



2022-11-15_0019 2022-11-15_0020 2022-11-15_0021

The original 5

2022-11-15_0022 2022-11-15_0023 2022-11-15_0024 2022-11-15_0025 2022-11-15_0026 2022-11-15_0027

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