The Cassady-Dorion Family Session Niskayuna NY Family Photographers

The term, “Hitlin VIP Family” all started with this family right here .  Erin and her kids have been with us since the beginnings of Hitlin Photography Inc. and she has been one of our biggest supporters over the years.  We adore her and her family and get very excited when we head out to do their annual family session.  These three kids have really gotten to know us over the years and are not afraid to bring it for our cameras; probably also because they are some of the more animated subjects we’ve shot; LOL.  We have so much fun goofing off and getting some outtakes as well as some gorgeous photos, that it really never feels like were working when shooting this family.  Thanks Erin and Zac for continuing to support Hitlin Photography Inc.  We love you guys, and you’re kids ROCK!

 Perfect spot and colors for some photos

The Cassady-Dorion Family Session 2020-11-02_0002

THIS KID is a riot


The middle just wants to have fun


The oldest who loves to have her picture taken

2020-11-02_0005 2020-11-02_0006 2020-11-02_0007

They have this old tree in the yard with a neat branch to sit on

2020-11-02_0008 2020-11-02_0009


2020-11-02_0010 2020-11-02_0011

OK Kids, let it all out!  LOL.  We love these crazies!


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