The Cabral Family Albany NY Family Photographers

Spent a little of our afternoon a few weeks back with the Cabral family at their home.  Last time we saw these guys, their oldest was an infant.  Now the family has grown by 2 more.  These sisters are just the cutest and have the coolest room.  We also took some photos of the family outside and on their sun porch.  

3 little ladies

The Cabral Family

Love first teeth smiles

2017-12-08_0003 2017-12-08_0005 2017-12-08_0006 2017-12-08_0007

They played us a song!

2017-12-08_0008 2017-12-08_0009

Smiles all around

2017-12-08_0010 2017-12-08_0011 2017-12-08_0012

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