Rowen Family Newborn Session NYC Family Photographer

Keith and Meghan always love the chance to head down to NYC for a session. Even more exciting than the city, is getting to spend some time with Hitlin Wedding Alumni.  Kristen & Colin were married in 2014.  We did their Engagement Session in NYC and they got married upstate.  They just welcomed their new baby girl and since they live in the city; we headed down their way to meet this little princess.  The apartment we shot in was such a great choice since it was a rainy day in the city and it had these floor to ceiling windows.  We love this family and so happy they contacted us again to capture a beautiful life moment for them.  She is beautiful guys!

Rowen Family Newborn Session 2017-06-16_0002

Well hello there!


Precious moments with mom and dad

2017-06-16_0004 2017-06-16_0005 2017-06-16_0006

Big brother came home early from school.  So glad to see him again!

2017-06-16_0007 2017-06-16_0008 2017-06-16_0009

She definitely knows dad’s voice and looks right at him when he talks to her.

2017-06-16_0010 2017-06-16_0011 2017-06-16_0012 2017-06-16_0013 2017-06-16_0014

Big brother

2017-06-16_0015 2017-06-16_0016


2017-06-16_0017 2017-06-16_0018



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