Rachel & Adrian’s Engagement Session Columbia County NY Engagement Photographers

Rachel and Adrian met when they worked together as teenagers at Price Chopper.  They were coworkers and friends, but it was a few years of working together till they started to date.  The couple planned a trip to Cape Cod to celebrate Rachel’s completion of her Master’s Degree and the end of the school year.  The trip didn’t start out as planned as the weather looked to be poor, they went to a restaurant with not so good service, and the house rental they had was not prepared and ready when they arrived.  In the morning, they went to their favorite beach; First Encounter Beach.  Adrian looked at Rachel, got down on one knee and pulled a box from his pocket.  The box had a post-it note on it, since Adrian was pretty nervous and didn’t want to mess up his question (WYMM?).  Of course, Rachel said YES!  The rest of the weekend went much better after that and the weather even turned around for the rest of their trip as well.  This couple enjoys going to vineyards and trying new wines.  They both love food and Adrian was a sous chef in his past and loves making tasty dishes for his girl.  They both love movies as well and enjoy their cat and hope to adopt a dog in the future.  We spent a gorgeous night at the Hudson-Chatham Winery with these two taking their engagement pictures.  It was fun having the vineyard to ourselves.  We can’t wait to capture their big day in October 2020 at Greywacke Meadows. #vowingtobeVadney

Rachel & Adrian's Engagement Session 2019-08-07_0002

You know, just a stroll through the vineyard

2019-08-07_0003 2019-08-07_0004

Those grape leaves are huge

2019-08-07_0005 2019-08-07_0006

The rock

2019-08-07_0007 2019-08-07_0008

Some dramatic clouds came in

2019-08-07_0009 2019-08-07_0010 2019-08-07_0011 2019-08-07_0012


2019-08-07_0013 2019-08-07_0014 2019-08-07_0015

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