Rachael & Andrew’s Engagement Session Schenectady NY Engagement Photographers

Rachael and Andrew were introduced by Andrew’s friend Susan.  Susan’s children attend school where Rachael teaches.  Rachael’s co-worker Sarah helps tutor Susan’s daughter (I know, small world; right?).  Susan and Sarah conspired to be match makers and got Rachael and Andrew to meet, and the rest is history.  Andrew planned to propose to Rachael at her parent’s house on Cape Cod.  Some things started to play against him.  The parent’s house happened to be without hot water at the time of their trip, and after they pushed through to head to the Cape, the weather didn’t cooperate either.  It rained and snowed while they were there.  One day they barred the cold and headed to Provincetown and climbed the Pilgrim Monument.  It was there that Andrew proposed.  These two  enjoy college basketball with their opposing teams of UNC and Duke.  They also love attending Mets (YEAH!) and Yankees baseball games.  They spend quite a bit of time in Cape Cod and Lake George.  We had so much fun in Schenectady with them for their engagement pictures.  We can’t wait to celebrate with them again when they tie the knot is June 2019 at St. Luke’s Church and Riverstone Manor.

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