Chris & Dave’s Century House Wedding Latham NY Wedding Photographers

Chris & Dave, September 29, 2018, The Century House


Keith and I have been very lucky to work with couples who have a great sense of humor, and Chris and Dave are two people who know how to have fun and a good time as well.  This couple is probably the most jovial we’ve met and we just love how they were so present in every moment of their wedding day.  You can see the love and happiness pouring out of them in these images.  We began our day with the girls getting ready in a conference room at The Century House.  Chris was finishing hair and makeup and had all her details out and ready to be photographed.  The ladies in her wedding party were so helpful.  The guys got dressed up in a hotel room and had a lovely whiskey toast to the Groom before heading out for a First Look.  After the couple’s first look, we walked around the trails behind the hotel and got some stunning images.  The outdoor ceremony space was adorned with white fabric and crystal chandeliers and we loved taking some photos in there with the wedding party when they were ready as well.  The couple were married out in the ceremony tent in front of about 170 guests.  Their recessional was probably the best we’ve seen since the two literally danced out of the tent.  We all headed up to the restaurant/ballroom area and caught some last moments of golden hour before the couple entered their reception.  The reception was amazing and there were so many details.  Not only did the couple have Century House and their amazing food, but also had a whiskey/bourbon bar, professional cigar roller and tons of desserts.  The crowd danced the Tarantella, which is an Italian tradition in Chris’ family.  The couple even made jars of homemade tomato sauce as take home gifts for their guests.  What a night these two had.  Thanks Chris and Dave for choosing Hitlin Photography and letting us capture your day. We love your smiles and wish you two all the best!

Team of  Wedding Professionals:

Officiant:  Reverend Paul Barna-Waterford Wesleyan Church          Venue:  The Century House          Catering:  The Century House          Cake:  Cake Street Sweets          Desserts:  Bella Napoli          Venue Coordinator:  Stephanie Bryans from The Century House          Music:  Chris Hollister Entertainment          Floral Design:  Fleurtacious Designs          Makeup & Hair:  Timeless Updos, Kristen Stoebel          Bride’s Gown:  Bridal Gallery by Yvonne          Attendants’ Gowns:  Bridal Belle          Men’s Attire:  Jos. A. Bank          Rings:  Blue Nile          Invitations:  Peacock Printing          Photo Booth:  TTS Photobooth          Cigar Roller:  Habana Premium Cigar Shoppe          Photography:  Keith & Meghan Hitlin of Hitlin Photography Inc.

Bride Prep.

Chris & Dave's Wedding 2018-11-14_0003 2018-11-14_0004 2018-11-14_0005

Groom Prep.

2018-11-14_0006 2018-11-14_0008

First Look

2018-11-14_0009 2018-11-14_0010 2018-11-14_0011

Cute socks, Dave

2018-11-14_0012 2018-11-14_0013 2018-11-14_0014 2018-11-14_0015

She lights up when she smiles

2018-11-14_0016 2018-11-14_0018 2018-11-14_0019 2018-11-14_0020

This tent space!!!

2018-11-14_0021 2018-11-14_0022 2018-11-14_0023


2018-11-14_0024 2018-11-14_0025 2018-11-14_0026 2018-11-14_0027

So after Chris said her vows, Dave surprised her and everyone else by singing his vows to her.  Look at her face!!


They literally tied the knot


Now that’s how you celebrate being married

2018-11-14_0030 2018-11-14_0032

I love that these two are not afraid to laugh

2018-11-14_0033 2018-11-14_0035

Reception.  These two travel EVERYWHERE and check out those jars of sauce (we had one; DELICIOUS)!

2018-11-14_0036 2018-11-14_0037 2018-11-14_0038

His & Her libations

2018-11-14_0039 2018-11-14_0040 2018-11-14_0041

Boy did they dance!


Cigar rolling and desserts

2018-11-14_0043 2018-11-14_0044 2018-11-14_0045 2018-11-14_0046

Love this last shot of the night


Such a great team, staff from Century House, Habana Cigars, Keith and Meg and DJ Chris


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