Mary & Matt’s Greywacke Meadows Wedding Rensselaer County NY Wedding Photographers

Mary & Matt, July 7, 2018, Greywacke Meadows


Keith and I were so excited to head to a newer local venue we hadn’t shot at yet.  Nestled up near Grafton and up the mountain a bit is Greywacke Meadows.  A little unassuming when you first arrive, but let me tell you, this place was amazing!  Owners Brandon and Jane McDermott have transformed this barn and farmhouse into a wonderful wedding venue for those seeking a gorgeous rustic wedding.  We arrive and headed to the Farmhouse, which has been transformed into a special Bridal suite.  The decor is on point and set up for all the Bride’s needs on their wedding day.  Mary was getting hair and makeup done when we arrived and the girls were able to spread out over the two rooms in the downstairs of the house.  Matt arrived and headed to the dedicated Groom space upstairs in the barn.  The couple had a First Look in the back of the rustic barn and we fell in love with the knotted pine wood as a backdrop.  The venue also has a beautiful garden that is lit at night and makes for wonderful photo opps as well.  The couple were married across the street in an outdoor ceremony, and then guests headed to the barn and enjoyed amazing food and grilled steaks right on premises by Talk of the Town Catering.  Parked just at the entrance of the barn is a rustic vintage red pickup truck that was begging to be photographed in the golden hour sun.  Mary and Matt danced the night away with their guests and just as we were about to leave for the evening, the sun set and cast a mixture of blue, purple, and pink hues in the sky.  The couple climbed the huge Greywacke rocks to be in perfect position for a glorious sunset portrait.  It was a dream come true and we are so honored we had the opportunity to share in Mary and Matt’s special day!

Team of Wedding Professionals:

Officiant:  Eileen Casey-Campbell          Venue:  Greywacke Meadows          Venue Coordinator:  Brandon McDermott of Greywacke Meadows          Catering:  Talk of the Town Catering          Cake:  Zachary’s Pastry Shoppe          Music:  Ken Gendron; DJ Kenny G          Floral Design:   Bountiful Blooms          Hair & Makeup:  Bloom Salon and Makeup Bar          Bride’s Gown:  Ivy & Aster from A Love Story Bridal          Attendants’ Gowns:  Weddington Way          Men’s Attire:  Choppa & Son          Rings:  Rafi Topalian, Top Custom Jewelers          Invitations:  Vista Print          Transportation:  Yankee Trails          Photography:  Meghan & Keith Hitlin of Hitlin Photography Inc.          Hashtag:  #MattGetsMaryed

Bride Prep.  LOVE this Farmhouse where the Bridal suite is

Mary & Matt's Wedding 2018-08-20_0003 2018-08-20_0002 2018-08-20_0004 2018-08-20_0005



Groom Prep. (upstairs barn space dedicated to the Groom and his guys)

2018-08-20_0008 2018-08-20_0009

First Look

2018-08-20_0011 2018-08-20_0012 2018-08-20_0013 2018-08-20_0014

So in love!

2018-08-20_0015 2018-08-20_0016 2018-08-20_0017

LOVE this barn

2018-08-20_0018 2018-08-20_0019 2018-08-20_0020 2018-08-20_0021

The Crew



2018-08-20_0023 2018-08-20_0024 2018-08-20_0025 2018-08-20_0026

Headed down the road for some more pics



2018-08-20_0028 2018-08-20_0029

What was going on on the other side of the pic.  Love the pops of color from the kayaks.



2018-08-20_0032 2018-08-20_0033 2018-08-20_0034 2018-08-20_0035 2018-08-20_0036 2018-08-20_0037

The barn at Golden Hour is PERFECT! This red truck is going to get photographed a lot!

2018-08-20_0038 2018-08-20_0039

OUR Favorite light!

2018-08-20_0040 2018-08-20_0041 2018-08-20_0042

The lighted garden is magical!

2018-08-20_0043 2018-08-20_0044 2018-08-20_0045 2018-08-20_0046 2018-08-20_0047 2018-08-20_0048

Last shot of the night!  SPECTACULAR!


Amazing team: The ladies from Bloom Salon and MU Bar, Meg setting up the Bride, DJ Kenny G. and Keith and the AMAZING Brandon McDermott from Greywacke!


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