Lauren & Justin’s Engagement Session Albany NY Engagement Photographers

Lauren and Justin met back in 2014, when Justin was Lauren’s manager working at Barnes & Noble.  They got to know each other and began dating.  After dating a few years, the couple went to Lauren’s childhood home, which was about to be sold.  They went to the house to get everything ready for the new owners; such as cleaning and gardening.  While Lauren was pulling weeds; Justin asked the big question.  Lauren wasn’t sure if he was serious and asked 3 times if he was.  When she knew it was for real; she replied yes.  This couple likes hanging out at home watching movies or reading.  They also enjoy throwing parties and inviting friends over.  The couple currently live downstate, but drove up to Albany for their engagement session near the State Dept. of Ed. and Capital buildings.  We even made our way to the Empire Plaza for some photos as well.  We are looking forward to their October 2023 Wedding at Greywacke Meadows.


Lauren & Justin's Engagement Session 2022-05-25_0002

Love how cutsy they are with each other

2022-05-25_0003 2022-05-25_0004 2022-05-25_0005 2022-05-25_0006

Very neat engagement ring, honoring their shared love of dinosaurs

2022-05-25_0008 2022-05-25_0009 2022-05-25_0010 2022-05-25_0011 2022-05-25_0012

Very happy couple

2022-05-25_0013 2022-05-25_0014 2022-05-25_0015

We love joking on our sessions with the couple; gets the best reactions.

2022-05-25_0016 2022-05-25_0017

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