Kim & Trevor’s Engagement Session Albany NY Engagement Photographers

Kim and Trevor met through mutual friends toward the end of their senior year of high school.  They ended up going on their first date the night before graduation.  Kim and Trevor went on a hike this past June at Shelving Rock Falls in Lake George.  It was a very hot day, and Kim was reluctant to go, but ending up going after some “convincing” from Trevor and her family.  They ate lunch by the waterfall and had to wait for about 2 hours for everyone to clear out for Trevor to seize a brief moment.  He set up a tripod and told Kim he was taking pictures of the two of them.  In reality he was taking a video.  He proposed right there and got it on video.  They went home and Kim was surprised to see her family and friends there for a party.  This couple loves dogs and has a beautiful black Lab; named Reggie.  They like to play games, travel, eat ice cream and watch movies together.  We met over at The Crossings of Colonie for a Golden Hour engagement session with them and they brought along Reggie too.  We ended with a sunset.  We’re looking forward to capturing this couple’s big day in a few weeks in July at Franklin Plaza for their wedding.  

Kim & Trevor's Engagement Session 2022-06-01_0002

Reggie is a cutie


Spring blossoms were still out

2022-06-01_0004 2022-06-01_0005 2022-06-01_0006 2022-06-01_0007 2022-06-01_0008

Quick change of clothes and the light turned more golden

2022-06-01_0009 2022-06-01_0010 2022-06-01_0011

That light!

2022-06-01_0012 2022-06-01_0013 2022-06-01_0014 2022-06-01_0015 2022-06-01_0016


2022-06-01_0017 2022-06-01_0018 2022-06-01_0019 2022-06-01_0020

Love ending with a sunset

2022-06-01_0021 2022-06-01_0022

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