Katie & Andrew’s Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort Wedding Hancock MA Wedding Photographers

Katie & Andrew, July 27, 2019, Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort


It was a bright, sunny Wedding day for Katie and Andrew over in Massachusetts, at Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort.  We first arrived at the Groom’s Prep. where Andrew and the guys finished putting on their jackets and ties and then had a champagne toast.  Both Andrew and Katie’s fathers were on hand to help the Groom.  We then headed over to Katie, who had  just arrived at the Resort after her morning at the Salon.  The girls ate lunch and flowers arrived before Katie got into her beautiful Jenny Yoo gown with the help of her mom and sister.  Katie’s dad came in and we did a first reveal and then her dad presented Katie with his mother’s ring to wear.  Keith and I took turns going up the ski lift with the Groom and Bride separately so they could have a First Look on top of the mountain. It is always interesting taking pictures on a ski lift and the views from up top are glorious.  After their First Look, we got some pics on top of the mountain with the couple and even the wedding party before heading down the mountain to meet up with family.  Before guests arrived, Meghan headed back up the mountain with the guys to set up for Ceremony.  After the last guest made it up the mountain, Katie and her parents got on the ski lift to make a grand entrance.  The couple had a breathtaking ceremony at the top of the mountain and then everyone came back down the mountain for the reception in JJ’s Lodge.  DJ Greg welcomed everyone into the ballroom and the party started.  I’ve never seen so many wonderful sweets on the dessert table and I think everyone got a little sugar rush from just looking at the display.  During golden hour, we were able to sneak the couple away for some gorgeous pics on the resort grounds as well.  We had a lovely day with you two, Katie and Andrew.  Thank you so much for allowing us to share your day!

Team of Wedding Professionals:

Officiant:  Pastor Timothy Weisman with Zion Church          Venue:  Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort          Catering:  Jiminy Peak          Cake and Desserts:  Simply Sweet          Venue Coordinator:  Jessica Shandor of Jiminy Peak          Music:  DJ Greg Plowman of Entertainment Concepts          Floral Design:  Carolyn Valenti Flowers          Hair & Makeup:  Clip Shop          Bride’s Gown:  Jenny Yoo from Lily Saratoga          Attendants’ Gowns:  Jenny Yoo from Lily Saratoga          Men’s Attire:  Valenti’s          Rings:  Charland Jewelers          Photography:  Keith & Meghan Hitlin of Hitlin Photography Inc.          Hashtag:  #SavoySoulMates

Groom Prep.

Katie & Andrew's Wedding 2019-09-11_0002 2019-09-11_0003 2019-09-11_0004

Bride Prep.

2019-09-11_0005 2019-09-11_0006 2019-09-11_0007

Little details make a big statement

2019-09-11_0008 2019-09-11_0009

First Reveal with Dad


Up the Mountain for the first look (separately of course)



2019-09-11_0013 2019-09-11_0014

That view, though

2019-09-11_0015 2019-09-11_0016 2019-09-11_0017 2019-09-11_0018 2019-09-11_0019 2019-09-11_0020 2019-09-11_0021 2019-09-11_0022

Even guests approve

2019-09-11_0023 2019-09-11_0024 2019-09-11_0025 2019-09-11_0026

Both families as one




The guys head up

2019-09-11_0029 2019-09-11_0030

Here comes the Bride

2019-09-11_0031 2019-09-11_0032 2019-09-11_0033 2019-09-11_0034 2019-09-11_0035 2019-09-11_0036 2019-09-11_0037

Back down as husband and wife (Meg waits patiently for her turn, LOL)

2019-09-11_0038 2019-09-11_0039 2019-09-11_0040 2019-09-11_0042 2019-09-11_0043

So pretty!  OOOH, we love a gown with pockets!!!

2019-09-11_0044 2019-09-11_0045



OMG, the dessert table

2019-09-11_0047 2019-09-11_0048 2019-09-11_0049 2019-09-11_0050 2019-09-11_0051 2019-09-11_0052 2019-09-11_0053 2019-09-11_0054

Perfect spin dress

2019-09-11_0055 2019-09-11_0056 2019-09-11_0057 2019-09-11_0058 2019-09-11_0059

The team, Meg behind the chair lift, Keith, Dawn and Jessica from Jiminy, Carolyn on flowers, and DJ Greg


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