Kara & Michael’s Albany Country Club Wedding Voorheesville NY Wedding Photographers

Kara & Michael, May 15, 2021, Albany Country Club, Voorheesville, NY


Kara and Michael (Mike) were locked in to get married in May of 2020, but as we all know, Covid turned their plans around. They decided to postpone everything and moved a year out.  They still took advantage of their original day in 2020 by getting officially married with close family in attendance.  They decided to renew their vows in 2021 and have that huge party they missed out on in 2020.  So we’ve know these two for quite a while, as we’ve done both of Mike’s sister’s weddings and had met Kara at each one.  We had a strong connection with the Saburro family and knew that Kara was the perfect fit for the youngest sibling.  We eagerly awaited their big day.  It didn’t disappoint and we had such an amazing day with these two.  Kara had hair and makeup done off premises, and when we arrived we met up with Mike who finished getting dressed.  Kara arrived shortly after.  She got dressed with the help of her mom and maid of honor.  Both Kara’s dad and brother had a private first reveal with the Bride before she saw Mike outside.  These two have that kind of chemistry where taking photos is so easy.  The camera just loves them and you can see in these pictures why.  We had some fun moving about the property near the venue and the wedding party added to the fun with some great group shots as well.  Both families are absolutely wonderful and made Keith and I feel like we were part of the family the entire day.  The couple renewed their vows on the patio by their Brother-in-law and #hitlinalumni; Scott.  They then enjoyed cocktails and made a grand entrance into the ballroom, which included a dip.  After formalities, we went outside for some golf course pics and quickly captured some beginning color to the skies. We thought that was all we would get, and hoped for something more spectacular since both Mike’s sister’s weddings, we had captured amazing sunsets.  The dance floor opened and everyone had a blast dancing.  We took a gander outside, and low and behold an amazing sunset was brewing.  We quickly headed out to the driving range and captured probably one of our TOP 5 sunsets at Albany Country Club.  Venue coordinator and friend, Kim Aperance came out to bear witness that those colors were legit.  Such a great ending to the day and even better ending to capturing an entire family of siblings for their weddings.  That family will always hold a special place in our hearts.  Congrats again Kara and Mike.  You two are the best!

Team of Wedding Professionals:

Officiant:  Scott Bergen (Brother-in-law)          Venue:  Albany Country Club          Venue Coordination:  Kim Aperance of Albany Country Club          Cake:  Nothing Bundt Cakes          Music:  DJ Eric Whinnery of Experience Events          Floral Design:  Party with Mia          Makeup:  Kelsey Gabriel from Slek Salon          Hair:  Danielle Myers from Salon X          Bride’s Gown:  Maggie Sottero from Deanna’s Bridal          Attendants’ Gowns:  Bill Levkoff from Angela’s Bridal          Men’s Attire:  Tuxes from Men’s Wearhouse          Rings:  Glennpeter Jewelers          Video:  Mike Verenini from Lovecraft Productions          Favors:  cookies from Hop’s Cookies          Photography:  Keith & Meghan Hitlin of Hitlin Photography Inc.

Groom Prep.

Kara & Michael's Wedding 2021-06-29_0002

Bride Prep.

2021-06-29_0003 2021-06-29_0004 2021-06-29_0005 2021-06-29_0006

First Reveal with Dad then Brother

2021-06-29_0007 2021-06-29_0008

First Look, just look at his smile!

2021-06-29_0009 2021-06-29_0010 2021-06-29_0011 2021-06-29_0012

These 2 are gorgeous together

2021-06-29_0013 2021-06-29_0014 2021-06-29_0015 2021-06-29_0016

Our favorite white tree was in full bloom

2021-06-29_0017 2021-06-29_0018

I mean, COME ON!!

2021-06-29_0019 2021-06-29_0020 2021-06-29_0021 2021-06-29_0022

Proud Dad

2021-06-29_0023 2021-06-29_0024

Who’s ready to party?

2021-06-29_0025 2021-06-29_0026 2021-06-29_0027


2021-06-29_0028 2021-06-29_0029 2021-06-29_0030 2021-06-29_0031 2021-06-29_0032 2021-06-29_0033

Both Sides now one big family


Last Saburro Wedding!!!  We did all 3 siblings’ weddings!

2021-06-29_0035 2021-06-29_0036 2021-06-29_0037

Reception-The cookies are of their dog

2021-06-29_0038 2021-06-29_0039 2021-06-29_0040

So the Best Man blew dust off his speech saying he’s held onto it since their first proposed wedding date, LOL.

2021-06-29_0041 2021-06-29_0042

Some sun setting images on the course

2021-06-29_0043 2021-06-29_0044 2021-06-29_0046

This is what we thought would be the final color of the night; still a pretty cool shot.  BUT, WAIT FOR IT (keep scrolling)

2021-06-29_0047 2021-06-29_0048

Dancing is BACK!!!

2021-06-29_0049 2021-06-29_0050


2021-06-29_0051 2021-06-29_0052

Albany Country Club is one of our favorite places to capture AMAZING SUNSETS!


Last Wedding with the family and our mandatory full #hitlinalumni selfie!!!  We love this family!


Just some of the team:  Meg fluffing the dress, Keith with #hitlinalumni Ian, Experience Events ready to bring the house down, and our favorite ACC lady; Erica!


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