Jessie & David’s Intimate Wedding Ceremony Albany NY Wedding Photographers

Jessie & David, Dec. 31, 2023, Empire Plaza, Albany, NY

Jessie & David's Intimate Wedding Ceremony

Jessie and David officially were married in a very intimate ceremony on the Empire Plaza in Albany on New Year’s Eve.  They contacted us a few weeks before asking us to take some pictures of the important event.  It was just the couple, their daughter, the officiant and his wife and Keith.  We met the couple at the plaza on this VERY cold early evening and started with some quick portraits.  It’s a good thing Jessie brought her beautiful coat to keep warm.  Their daughter got into a few shots before they stood before the NY State Christmas tree for the ceremony.  Right in the middle of the ceremony, the tree lit and it was such a fun surprise while we were capturing their special moment.  After we did a few more pictures and wished our congratulations to the newly wed couple.   They had plans to meet up with family for dinner later that evening to celebrate.  Congrats again Jessie and David!!


Quick shots without the coat to capture Jessie’s beautiful gown

2024-01-22_0003 2024-01-22_0004 2024-01-22_0005 2024-01-22_0006 2024-01-22_0007

Their daughter

2024-01-22_0008 2024-01-22_0009

The Ceremony

2024-01-22_0010 2024-01-22_0011

Let there be LIGHT!

2024-01-22_0012 2024-01-22_0013 2024-01-22_0014 2024-01-22_0015

YAY, they did it

2024-01-22_0016 2024-01-22_0017

So pretty with the lights

2024-01-22_0018 2024-01-22_0019

Lots of onlookers skating

2024-01-22_0020 2024-01-22_0021 2024-01-22_0022 2024-01-22_0023

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