Hitlin Photography 2020 #PorchProject Sessions Rensselaer County NY Family Photographers

The past few weeks sure have left many people uncertain and unsure of our futures.  We at Hitlin Photography have been feeling the same.  We are trying to keep positive and have had some amazing conversations over the phone with some of our clients recently.  Weddings moved, sessions moved; has made for some unsure times for us as well.  A few of our neighbors reached out wondering if we would be interested in doing a socially distanced family porch session.  We had seen this done in different sections of the country and felt since family photography is one of our specialized areas, it would be an interesting and fun idea.  We put our brains together and came up with some ideas to make these fun, creative and more importantly safe.  On Saturday, April 4th, we began our day shooting 16 families including our own in 10 min. session segments.  We limited ourselves to within a 15 mile radius so we could do these quickly and all within one day. With each family, we shot from more than the 6 ft. recommended distance with our telephoto lenses.  No contact at all occurred.  We asked each family ahead of time to create a sign with a word expressing how they are feeling during this time of Family Isolation within their homes.  As we moved from family to family, we learned quickly how much love is still out there; and HOPE; how much hope is out there that this will all be over soon.  We thoroughly enjoyed our time with each family that day.  We are proud to say that Hitlin Photography did not profit at all from these sessions!!!  We donated ALL FUNDS from these #PorchProject Sessions to our local school district’s Back Pack/Food Pantry Programs to help struggling families within our local community during this time.  We also donated $200 of our own money to the final donation.  Since completing this project, we have donated a TOTAL of $1700 to these programs.  THANK YOU to all of our participating families for you donations and mostly support during this time.  Along with everyone, we are hoping to get back to “normal” business and life soon.  Keep safe and hug your loved ones.  Enjoy looking through these amazing families’ pictures.


Hitlin Photography 2020 #PorchProject Sessions 2020-04-14_0002 2020-04-14_0003


2020-04-14_0004 2020-04-14_0005


2020-04-14_0006 2020-04-14_0007 2020-04-14_0008 2020-04-14_0009

Family First #StayHome

2020-04-14_0010 2020-04-14_0011 2020-04-14_0012


2020-04-14_0013 2020-04-14_0014 2020-04-14_0015 2020-04-14_0016

Stay Strong

2020-04-14_0017 2020-04-14_0018


2020-04-14_0019 2020-04-14_0020 2020-04-14_0021


2020-04-14_0022 2020-04-14_0023 2020-04-14_0024 2020-04-14_0025


2020-04-14_0026 2020-04-14_0027 2020-04-14_0028


2020-04-14_0029 2020-04-14_0030


2020-04-14_0031 2020-04-14_0032 2020-04-14_0033


2020-04-14_0034 2020-04-14_0035 2020-04-14_0037

Grateful for our Health (little guy’s dad is currently serving overseas, that is a doll of his dad)

2020-04-14_0038 2020-04-14_0039 2020-04-14_0040 2020-04-14_0041

Bored          Grateful       Trapped

2020-04-14_0042 2020-04-14_0043 2020-04-14_0044

Blessed (Happy 6th Birthday to the lil’ Miss)

2020-04-14_0045 2020-04-14_0046 2020-04-14_0047

And a big THANK YOU from our family, feeling Hope at this time

2020-04-14_0048 2020-04-14_0049

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  1. These are all fantastic and I am so grateful to be part of such an amazing community. Thank you Hitlin’s for doing the Porch Project.

  2. These are all amazing! I love the positive outlook shared by so many families. Thank you for all your hard work and generosity through this project. You guys are fabulous!

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