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Casey & James’ Wedding-PART 1, March 20, 2020, Private Residence


Well to say the past few weeks have been a whirlwind, would be an understatement.  As everyone has been fully aware of current news with the COVID-19 Pandemic, couples who have been planning their wedding for these weeks, have probably felt the stress the most.  Hitlin Photography Inc. has been busy working with our couples affected by this to postpone their wedding dates; ensuring that all will be well and we are here to help.  Not going to lie; it’s been a tough task because we personally, really feel for each of these couples.  Our hearts are with them and we hope that our advice and thoughts we’ve given, give them some sort of stress relief.  Casey & James were the first of all our couples affected by the COVID-19 Restrictions.

Let me start off by telling you that Casey and James are two of the most loving people we know.  They have shown sheer calm through this whole process.  We had our traditional final consult with the couple during the first week of March where things were still “normal.”  We discussed their big wedding coming up on Mar. 20th where we would head down to Belleville, NJ and capture their ceremony and reception in front of around 300 guests.  The game plan at that time, was just that; to proceed as normal.  A few days after their consult, the news started to pour in about COVID-19 and the USA started to feel it’s wrath of uncertainty.  The Government started announcing a new term; “social distancing” and that any group gatherings would need to be limited to size.  First it was no more than 500, to no more than 100, to no more than 50, to no more than 10.  We got the call from James one day, saying they had a change of plans.  They had spoken with their venue in NJ and were able to move their whole wedding there to next year in March 2021.  James asked if we could move the date also with them for photography; which we did.  James told us they were still planning on getting their officiant to come to their home in West Sand Lake on March 20th this year (original wedding date) to still do their Ceremony and would only have their immediate families in attendance.  Keith immediately told him, WE WILL BE THERE!!!  So that’s what we did.  On March 20th, Keith headed over to their home and captured a very intimate small ceremony of Casey and James’ marriage.  It was very unique and sentimental seeing all of the couple’s loved ones gather in their Dining Room as they spoke their vows.  James’ Mom; Theresa, helped out by getting local vendors, Bountiful Blooms and Zachary’s Pastry Shoppe to help with creating a rather quickly planned intimate day.  Keep in mind, this was days before operations shut down for many businesses and this was right under the wire.  We thank both businesses so much for their team work on helping create this beautiful day.  We captured their official wedding ceremony and some details of the decor before getting a few pics of the family that were in attendance and of course the Newlyweds.  We are so happy and honored that we were available to capture such an AMAZING EXPERIENCE.  This will truly be a story for them to tell their future generations.  Congrats again to Casey and James and stay tuned for their Wedding Day PART 2, which will be in March 2021 at Nanina’s In the Park in Belleville, NJ.  We can’t wait!!


ALSO, Casey and James’ Wedding Story was picked up by Spectrum News.  Check out the story by clicking the following link:


Team of Wedding Professionals:

Officiant:  Srankel St. Fort          Ceremony Location:  the couple’s home          Floral Design:  Bountiful Blooms          Cake:  Zachary’s Pastry Shoppe          Photography:  Keith Hitlin of Hitlin Photography Inc.          Hashtag:  #JamesClosedtheCase2020

Small Wedding Decor and Details

Casey & James' Wedding PART 1

The happy Groom



2020-04-02_0003 2020-04-02_0004 2020-04-02_0005 2020-04-02_0006 2020-04-02_0008

They did it!

2020-04-02_0009 2020-04-02_0010

Their Officiant


Casey’s Family


James’ Parents


James’ sister and brother-in-law (and #hitlinalumni), Kelly and Ty practicing some “Social Distancing”


The Happy Couple, in front of their home


Casey is gorgeous

2020-04-02_0016 2020-04-02_0017

Love these two; and now especially their story!


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