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We had the opportunity to shoot Hitlin Wedding Alumni, Liz and Shawn’s first born recently.  We’ve been with this couple since their engagement photos and love how we get to meet up again and again for special life moments.  We also are quite fond of their first born, furry little Benny, the dog.  He’s appeared in multiple sessions of this family.  We were so excited to meet their little guy and we know that he is in for a world full of love, and baseball.  This couple loves their Yankees, even though Keith was secretly whispering in the baby’s ear, “Let’s Go Mets” throughout the session ;).  Congrats guys!  He is absolutely a doll!


Bukowski Newborn Session 2016-08-24_0002

Nothing like a first time mom’s smile

2016-08-24_0003 2016-08-24_0004 2016-08-24_0005 2016-08-24_0006 2016-08-24_0007

Dad got his baseball glove in for a few

2016-08-24_0008 2016-08-24_0009

It’s okay, Benny!


OH Benny!  LOL!



2016-08-24_0012 2016-08-24_0013 2016-08-24_0014

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