10 Years of Photographing Weddings, a look at Meghan & Keith Working NY Wedding Photographers

Boy, 10 years has gone by so fast for Keith and Meghan of Hitlin Photography Inc. Back in 2008, we shot our first Wedding together.  A few years prior, Keith had been working as a photojournalist for various regional newspapers for a while, and Meghan was working as a teacher.  Keith had been approached about doing a wedding on his own by someone who loved his photography.  Needless to say the first few weddings were just Keith as he learned the ins and outs of the Wedding Photography business.  Meghan became laid off due to budget cuts in 2007, which ended up being a perfect time since she was due to have their first child in the summer of that year.  While home with their new baby, Keith asked if Meg would like to learn the “business-end” in creating a Wedding Photography business.  Within a few weeks, Meg had created a solid system to gear this new business to the next level and organized some more wedding inquiries coming in since Keith shot his first wedding.  Keith would then teach Meg some basic photography skills here and there using their first born as a photo subject.  In 2008, Meg tagged along with Keith in their first wedding together and were complimented by the couple and guests as to how well we both worked together.  Time grew, Meg’s photography skills improved and became more advanced, and word of mouth started circulating about the “husband and wife” photography team.  We shot many family sessions early on in our first years, but these particular families are some of the people who spread the word. WE are FOREVER GRATEFUL to these families and when we photograph them today, you will hear us refer to them as “Hitlin VIPs,” because it is truly them who helped get our business off the ground.  In the past 10 years, we have shot over 200 weddings together.  It is always the TWO of us; a husband and wife team; a family, that creates the magic on our couples’ wedding days.  We have learned so much in those formative years as a business and continue to learn as we grow in the future.  We seriously are blessed for all of our supporters, family, friends, and clients who have showed us so much love and TRUST.  We love what we do and it is truly what we’ve always been meant to do together.  Enjoy our 2018 look at some behind the scenes images of Keith and Meg at work doing what they do best.  Here’s to the next 1o years!!!

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