2018 Hitlin Photography Inc. Tribute to Wedding Professionals Capital District NY Wedding Photographers

Keith and I say all of the time how we are very lucky to have such a great job.  It’s the kind of job where we have fun and get to be creative.  We get to witness first hand the marriage of two individuals on the most important day of their lives.  But one of the BEST PARTS of our job is WHO WE GET TO WORK WITH.  In 2018, Hitlin Photography Inc. celebrated its 10 year Anniversary. Over the years we have worked with so many Wedding Professionals and one of the most important things we have learned in our time working, is to work as a TEAM with everyone involved in the Wedding Day.  So that’s what we do. I’m not going to lie, we try to have the most fun and like to joke around, but these people right here; well, they MAKE OUR JOB EASY.  We are so honored to get to work with so many AMAZING people in the Wedding business.  Enjoy our 2018 Tribute To Wedding Professionals. These are the people who we were lucky to work with this past year.  THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DO and hope to see you out there in 2019 and beyond!!!2018 Tribute to Wedding Professionals 2019-02-05_0003 2019-02-05_0004 2019-02-05_0005 2019-02-05_0006 2019-02-05_0007 2019-02-05_0008 2019-02-05_0009 2019-02-05_0010 2019-02-05_0011 2019-02-05_0012 2019-02-05_0013 2019-02-05_0014 2019-02-05_0015 2019-02-05_0016 2019-02-05_0017 2019-02-05_0018 2019-02-05_0019 2019-02-05_0020 2019-02-05_0021 2019-02-05_0022

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